Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

What a busy week we had last week plus this week. We got a new mission president and the old one went home. The first picture is President and sister Mellor, the former mission president and his wife, next to sister and President Clegg the new mission president for the Spain Malaga Mission.

The next picture is the last picture we had taken with the Mellor's. They were a great couple and we sure loved them and respected them and will miss them, but we are already loving the Cleggs.

These are the 3 new missionaries that came to our mission on the 7th of July, a picture taken from the office looking out toward the train station. Sister Clegg, Elder Marchello, Elder Bennett, Elder Ferguson and President Clegg. It was fun catching them getting a picture taken below. They seem like they will be great missionaries. We should be getting 4 more on the 14th of July that were delayed in coming because of Visa problems. Plus there are at least 4 more that have been assigned somewhere in the United States until their visas come through. We sure hope that we will get them, because we are very much down on the number of missionaries that we can have.

These next couple of pictures are some of the missionaries that are on their way home, what a great group of elders. We had 12 leaving at once, so they will definitely be missed. 1st picture: Elder Adams, Elder Barton and Elder Ellis.

2nd picture on couches, Elder Padilla, Elder Igleias, Elder Ellis, Elder Lucero and over on the piano we have Elder Himmer and Elder Hafen.

Right now Spain is playing in the world cup for the Champion against the Netherlands. The people are really getting into the spirit of the celebration: as you can see in the pictures below and these are only in our apartment complex. We got home from church and flags were hung and then later they started to set up a TV so they could watch the game in the common area.

Notice all the red shirts that are being worn by the viewers. The blow horns and make lots of noise. Right now the score is just 0 to 0 and it is in the 1st half. We live close to a soccer stadium, where we think a big screen is up, because of all the noise we hear from our baloncy. Drums beating all the time and horns blowing. If they win, the party will probably go on until midnight, like when they won Germany.
We had great Sacrament meeting again this week, President and Sister Clegg spoke in our branch and in the Spanish ward today. It was great to feel of their love for missionary work and for the people and the missionaries they work with. We once again had many visitors from different parts of the world. A family from Sweden was here, and we found out that they visit during the times that they vacation in Spain. Another couple was from England and they knew some of the members also. So we have visitors that keep coming back.
We sure love it here and the members here are the greatest, what a strong testimony they have. Last night we went to the church to witness a baptism in the Spanish ward Anahis from Spain a young girl of 18, just recently married. She was going to school with a older lady from the ward and was invited to listen to the missionaries. I even got to help her a little bit with her math one day, even though the language barrier was there, we could feel of her testimony for the gospel.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Love JoAnne and Roy Hunt

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