Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 21, 2010

I just going to send some interesting pictures. Here is an interesting palm tree, where it is round at the bottom. there are several different kinds of palm trees here and the other picture of trees are also interesting. It is like a pine tree but grows really tall and the branches are very spread out. There is another pine tree by it. Some of them grow as tall as some of the building that could be 5-6 stories high.

This is a picture taken at the mission home, a farewell dinner for the 5 missionaries going home, plus us and the office missionaries and assistants to the presidents. Sister Mellor is taking the picture. There were 3 sisters going home and 2 elders. The elders were from Switzerland and England and the sisters were all going back to the states. I great group of missionaries that were leaving and we didn't get any replacements at that time. Three weeks later we got 2 Spanish sisters, or midtransfers. In April we will be losing lots of missionaries again and again in May and July and then we start getting other missionaries to replace the ones leaving.

This picture is when the President and Sister Mellor took the office staff to a Brazilian restaurant to celebrate together. The missionaires were in p-day clothes and it really seems different, because we see them in the office in white shirts and ties. It was good food and we enjoyed ourselves.

This next one is a picture of the fancy tiles some of the people put on the outside of their homes. This was a single dwelling house with tile on the outside. The houses are hooked together and if it is on the street level they always put bars on the windows. Sister Mellor took the picture and then I also took one of her so she could send it to others or keep a reminder. They use tile everywhere, even on garage floors or outside instead of having lawns, in individual dwellings. There are some we pass by on the way to church. We even saw tile floors in a repair garage and then they wash it down to keep it looking nice.

This next picture isn't very good, because it was cloudy and rainy, but we were up above on the mountain and took a picture of Fuengirola, the main city with the Mediterrean Sea. Hopefully we can get a better picture on Monday, because we are planning on going to Mijas, which is on the mountain above Fuengirola, and it is suppose to be a sunny day.

This next picture is a roundabout, under the train tracks and I was trying to get a picture while we were waiting for the train. I need to go up there during a busy time of day and take a video of how the round about works. If you are in the roundabout, you have the right away even if it means that you have to cross another lane of traffic. Roy's has had to learn how to drive in the roundabouts, because it is very different than what we would do in the states, but it seems to work.
I tried to add a video, but it might now work. Try it and I'll try to do better. We love it here and hope everything is okay with all of you there.