Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6, 2010

This picture is the office picture before some of them get transfered. We take a picture each time after staff meeting if we are losing some from the office. Top row: Elder Stanley, new mission sec; Elder Going, old finance sec; Elder Barton, old mission sec; Elder Goodman, new finance sec; Elder Halverson, AP; Elder Bader, AP;
Front row, President Mellor, Sister Mellor, Me, Roy Hunt

Here we are with more construction. If you remember all the rebar that was put down before in a previous week, here you can see that they have poured cement to cover all the rebar.

Next they are putting up rebar on all the sides to get ready to pour the walls of the building.

It's getting a little harder to take the pictures because they have put up a fence around and I took a couple of pictures through the crack of the fence so you could see the building construction. I think it will take the rest of this week before they pour the cement for the walls, but it might be at the end of the week.

They are also putting in posts in the middle of the floor for support of the next layer. This will bring it up to the street level. We think that this floor will be the garage and we don't know how many apartments it will have, maybe only a single family house.

These next pictures are of the departing missionaries and I can't seem to get rid of the duplicate picture, so we have 2 pictures of them helping with the meal before their last meeting.
Sister Mellor had cooked pork roast so they could put it on a burrito with cheese, salad, avacodo, etc. These were a good group of missionaries and we were sorry to see them go.
Elders Swartz, Simmons, Gleason, in front, Gordon, behind, Gardner, Martin, Hyatt, Sister Mellor. Not shown were Elder Beswick and Sister Goins.

This picture is outside the mission office where the missionaries were here to get their suitcases weighed. They are allowed 22 kilos per bag and some had to rearrange or get rid of excess weight. We found that it saves money and time at the airport if we make sure they meet these requirements early. Then they put their suitcases in the van and only have their carryon at the mission home that night. They can't get into their weighed luggage, and we find it saves a lot of confusion in the morning, especially since this group left for the airport at 4:30 A.M.