Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 10, 2010

Hi everyone, This has been a different 3 weeks. Right now Roy and I are in separate continents, Roy stayed in Spain, while I came home for a while to help Earl when he goes through his stem-cell transplant, that we thought would have happened, but they found some cancer in his colon, which they removed and he is just recovering from that surgery. He goes to the doctor tomorrow and they will decide when they do the really really strong chemo that will kill all of his immune system and then they give him back his stem cells that they collected the 1st weekend in September. He has such a great attitude that has helped him thus far. I have spent the time cleaning my house, moving his belongings back home, trying to fatten him up, but I think that is impossible, even though he eats several meals a day. He eats with Andrea and I and goes back and warms up a casserole about 2 hours later, and still doesn't gain weight.
Roy took some pictures of the festival that they hold in Fuengirola each year with their fancy flamingo dress. I miss it again this year. Last year we had to go back to Madrid during the festival to work on our residency and this year I'm in Utah, but Roy sent some pictures to me. There are miles of ruffles, I think on these dresses and they wear them and probably dance in them. They are so pretty. I see lots of them in the special stores just for flamingo dresses, and they are very expensive. I couldn't resist sending the picture of the little girl, they even have little high heels for the girls in the color of their dresses.
This little girl is so cute, I just had to send this picture along. Roy is doing great and we talk 1-3 times a day through SKYPE, which has been a blessing to us, to be able to see everyone and keep contact with each other. It sounds like the branch is taking really good care of Roy and feeding him occassionally, which I am so grateful for everyone. I really miss those members back in the Mijas Branch, they are all such nice people.
They like polka dots on their dresses.
I will also keep you updated on Earl, but I wish you all a very pleasant week.