Saturday, December 5, 2009

We didn't get out much this week to take pictures, but here are some that we took going to the office and or to the post office. The fountain has just had some white poinsettias put into the ground around the base of the statue and fountain. The 2nd picture are some red ones that they put into the ground. It looked so pretty that I took some pictures. The top one with the white poinsettias have red geraniums that are still blooming in December. The Spanish people think it is cold right now and are wearing coats and scarfs. I have worn a sweater a couple of times, but it is only 15 degrees Celsius which is about 59 degrees. At the same time you might see some English tourist still wearing shorts and flip flops.
The last picture is a nativity scene set up in front of a Catholic church. We need to go and see this at night because it is made up of lights like you see on the reindeer placed in peoples yards at Christmas time. All the streets have light hanging across the streets. We have been told that they don't decorate their houses with lights but the cities string up light decorations across the streets, and once again we need to go out at night to see this lights and take some pictures.

We have not done any traveling this week, except with our feet to the post office etc. I usually have to go down about 3 times a week to pick up packages or to pay bills and it is only about 5-6 blocks away. I always cut through the church plaza where the nativity scene is set up. They have benches place around on this plaza and it is right in front of a Catholic Church. We have lots of homeless people close here also and they sleep on the steps of the church.

We have been mainly in the office doing things, like finishing the cookbook so it can be printed and given to the missionaries for Christmas. Sister Mellor had me copy 100 discs with pictures on them to give to the missionaries also. She had 423 pictures on the disc and it took some time to copy all of them. That has kept us quite busy doing that. We have enjoyed working in the office and it has been really nice to get to know the elders here in this town.

Last Sunday we had 20 at church and one was an investigator and we had lady from France, who speaks some English and said she would see us again in March. After church we had the Turners to lunch. Judith and David Turner from Yorkshire, England. I'm not sure which town, but they definitely have an accent. They were the hardest English people to understand when we got here, but it is getting easier, being around them. He is the Elder's Quorum president, which is really over all the priesthood holders, whereas Judith is a teacher in Relief Society and is also the Branch family history counsulatant. You have to hold several jobs in this branch. They are also our home teachers, so we had a very pleasant time with them.

Next week is transfers again. How fast time flies we will be getting two new Elders in the Office. Elder Barton in coming in to train as the Executive Secrteary and Elder Harville in coming in to replace Elder Lundin as an AP. Elder Lundin will replace Elder Harville as ZL in Grand Canary. ElderMillerberg, the current Ex Sec. will be transfered on the next transfer or before if Elder Barton get up to speed quickly. We have a new elder coming in the mid-transfer at the end of December which will requre some moves to be made.

We hope your week is a delightful one.