Sunday, May 22, 2011

This looks like cotton candy floating on the streets, but someone put soap in the fountain at the round about.
It almost looked like snow, but by the afternoon it was all cleaned up, so I'm glad I took a picture on the way to the office.
These flowers come in all different colors and I think the are so pretty that I can't take just one picture.

This was a cactus blooming that we found on the way to church when we walked over there.
Our Zone Conference with 3 combined zones, Malaga, Granada and La Mancha. The senior couple are all in the same zone conference, put we have 6 sisters with 2 in each zone. The AP's are way at the back. We sent one home this week, because it was the end of his mission and he stayed a transfer longer. A great group of missionaries.
We got 4 new missionaries this last week and sent 6 home. We got 1 American sister and 3 Spanish elders. We sent one sister back to Japan, who is an American, but her parents live in Japan. We sent 2 Spanish elders home and then 3 back to the states. It is sometimes hard to keep up with all the transfers, because there has been transfers almost every week for a year, because of the visa waiters, Spanish elders that don't stay as long in the MTC, etc, and then missionaries going home at different times, because of the combined missions from last year. From now on we should be on the 6 week cycle, keep our fingers crossed. We still have an elder in the States who is waiting for his visa and could come any time.
It has been a busy busy time with conferences, departures, arrivals, trainings etc. It keeps us being busy. The branch is doing great and we love them. Next week is our monthly Munch and Mingle, where we pot luck lunch after church. This combines all of our monthly get togethers, because it is almost impossible to get the branch together any other time during the week. We have several members who are caretakers, servants, etc that can't get off during the week and the distance is too far for several of them to come again into Fuengirola for another time during the week. We also have several who go back often to England to visit, but then we have visitors that come regularly to visit Fuengirola.
We hope you have a wonderful week.