Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guess what, they have thistles over here also. I think it is a different variety, but it is a thistle nevertheless. It has a purple flower just like at home, but the leaves are a little different. See below.

This next picture is a celebration that the Spanish Ward of Fuengirola invited our branch of sisters to join in with them for the Relief Society birthday. A few sisters on the right are from the Mijas International Branch. The lady in the black and purple is Barbara Hall, who isn't a member, but her husband is. They come to Spain 3 to 4 times each year. They have a house, or an apartment down here and have been coming for several years. Next to her in the orange is Bruna Riley, and her husband just had a hip replacement, but Brother Hall was staying with him so that Bruna could come. Next to Bruna is Sister Belinda Tyndale-Biscoe.

On the other side of the table were several sisters and I haven't found out all their names, but I recognize them and greet them, but haven't got names for them. Wonderful sisters. The two videos below are the Spanish sisters doing the flamingo dance. Just click on them and the video will play.

Church went really well today. We had 24 people there with 2 couples from Canada and United States who had to stay another week because of the volcanic ash in the air and no flights into England. Brother Hall was also here for another week. We had the High Councilor, Bro Padilla speak plus his wife. He translates her talk as she speaks in Spanish. We also had Sister Gudrun Meyer give a talk today, she is the German sister and she did excellent in her talk. Bro Meyer said she practiced several times, and she did again with me before Relief Society started. The members here are so lovely, and so generous and faithful. We really enjoy being with them. Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Love Sister JoAnne and Roy Hunt