Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

This week we had our first Zone Conference with the new mission President and his wife. The picture on the left is of the Granada Zone, note: the elders all had the same Tie on. I guess as a show of Zone Unity. The picture below is of the Malaga Zone we have the shortest elder, Elder Basurto, standing next to Sis Clegg

This picture is of the "Sisters in the two Zones
Hermanas Hidalgo, Rameriz, Stolk, Clegg, Millan and Hunt. Hermana Rameriz is probably the shortest sister in the mission.

On Saturday evening we had a joint activity with the Spanish Ward, The Ward members put on a program about the days of 47. It was really quite good considering that they had just practiced for an hour before the program. (Typical Spanish style. They told us the program would start at 7:00 P.M. when in actual fact that was when the "rehearsal stated" the program didn't start until 8:00 P.M. It gave us time to talk to the people and get to know some of the Ward Members better as well and the visitors that came with one of our members.

These kids were really qute. While they sat on stage waiting for the program to start, they ate all the props (roll that were supposed to put out for the family dinner.)

The Litttle boy in the had (below) wasn't supposed to be part of the cast however, he kept running in and out of the play all night. Sometimes its kind of fun somtimes it get annoying.

Now, for the next phase of the home building project. You can see that the roof has now been poured and the house is now completly "framed" and not one stick of wood used. They will now start to brick up between the pillers to form the interior and exterior walls (Fire insurance rates should be very low.)

We had a very good Sacrament meeting today. In fact, it was better than I expcected. First our High Council speaker called just before Priesthood meeting stated to tell me that he was ill and would not be able to come today. Since his wife usually speaks with him that meant that I was short two speakers for Sacrament Meeting. But things worked out. The first speaker was afraid that her talk would take too much time as she had planned it so I told her she could have as much time as she wanted. I then asked a visitor, (a former member of the Branch from Nerja) to bare his testimony at the end of the meeting. During Sunday school I remembered that the week before JoAnne had offered to speak and relate a pioneer story about one of her ancestors. So, I asked her if she would still be willing to do that. It all turned out very well. We had 28 people present, 19 members and 9 visitors all from England.