Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hi again. What a wonderful week we have had. I have included some pictures from last week, because I didn't really take many this week. The yellow blossoms are from the mamisma tree and it smells really nice. It grows all over the place and right now the blossoms are all going away. When we drove down the coast to do our home teaching, you could see it growing everywhere. They say it does grow in England, but not as much as here.
This next picture is when we took a day and went driving through the country side. This is a picture of the village of Ojen in the mountains. It is one of the white cities that they talk about. We didn't go down into the city, but stayed up on the road and they had a couple of turn outs where you could take some pictures.
This next picture was when we went with Sister Mellor up to Mijas Pueblo. We went to lunch up there and walked around the town. It is also known as one of the White Cities, I think. We can see it from our apartment and it is up in the hills above Fuengirola. This pictures is how they used to press the olives to make olive oil, so I was told.
The picture of us is in the Mijas village looking out to the Mediterrean Sea. We didn't stay up there very long, just to take a few pictures and then we went back to the office.

This next picture is a picture of Sister Mellor and I in the office. I was shredding lots of papers to clean up the papers that have been stored for several years. The Mellors wanted to clean up old files and make everything ready for the new mission president, President Clegg, before they come in. We have filled probably 20 big sacks of papers. Of course shredding takes time and lots more room than just tossing the papers away, but somethings have to be shredded.

The next pictures is a tree, bush that we see when we walk to the office. I call it a bottle brush plant, because it does look like a bottle brush. We were very surprised when this bush bloomed. So I went and took a close up of the flower.

This last picture I took today, because Sister Leonila Garcia wanted a picture of her and Lydia with Elder Harville, who will be tranfered this week. The picture starting at the left consists of Sister Lydia Duran, the newest baptized member of our branch, Elder Jason Harville, from Colorado, but born in the Marshall Islands, and then Sister Leonilla Garcia. The two ladies are from the Philippines, but didn't know each other before here in Fuengirola.
I hope you all enjoyed Conference as much as we did. We just stayed up late to watch it. We saw the 1st session at 6:00 to 8:00 and the 2nd session from 10:00 p.m. to midnight. We did the same thing on Sunday and really enjoyed it.
Well until next week.
Love the Hunt's