Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here are the 2 Elders in Motril. Elder Adams and Elder Travis. This is the 2nd time we have checked this apartment, but the 1st time that Elder Adams was in Motril, we had checked his apartment when he was in Sevilla. That drive from Almeria took just over an hour to reach there, but all in all it was a long day for us.

This picture are the 4 Elders in Almeria, Elder Vaninetti, Elder Hurley, Elder Harville, and Elder Brossa. We caught them cleaning their apartment and 2 were in P-Day clothes. We were glad the other two were on the streets, because we found them to help us find their apartment. It was a 3 hour drive out there and then we visited Motril on the way back.

Sorry I interested in all the flowers that grow over here. This 1st one is a dandelion. I was surprised how tall it grew and how many flowers were on one stem. It was was at the church just growing by the sidewalk and I couldn't resist taking the picture. The next two pictures are pictures of Cacti that we pass on the way to church. I sure we have similar ones in America, because there are several types of cactus in this garden, that some one has planted on the side of the street. We saw a lady out weeding it one day, so I think she planted it under the trees.

This pictures is up at the mission home at a zone leader conference. It really looks like a lot of zone leaders, but we were missing 4 from the pictures because they are on the Canary Islands, but we have the assistants to the president plus the office elders and with this picture we have 2 extra office elders learning how to take care of business so the other office elders can be transferred at the end of the month.
We are so sorry that we haven't written, visiting a member who had a hip replacement, been really busy with zone leader conference, zone conference, checking apartments and even took one day to go home teaching. It is just less than 2 hours one way to go visit the Chapman's. The are a great couple and we enjoy going to see them, they are so gracious and always feed us. Hopefully one day they will come back to church.
Church was great today, we had more visitors than we had members. We really enjoy it when we get families coming, which we had today. Lots of small children. (7 children ages 8 and under) One family from Finland, another family with children from England. We had a couple from Germany and another older couple from England. Plus we had another Philippino lady move into our branch who is a member.
We sure enjoy our work here in the office and in the branch and we get to meet just great people.
Next week I going to start to put some picture on the blog of a building going in. We are curious about how they build over here. We wished we had taken pictures of a building that they were building downtown, but hadn't taken pictures, so when we found they were going to build right down the corner from us we decided to take pictures each week to show everyone. It starts out with a field of weeds and wildflowers. We hope you will enjoy it.
Have a fantastic week. The church is growing, we even had a baptism today in the Spanish ward, Hopefully, his wife will be baptized next week or soon thereafter.