Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

Here's our newest missionary, Elder Fagersten from Iowa, with President and Sister Clegg. He will be a great missionary. We sure hate to see them come in just one at a time, but with the problem of getting visas here in Spain we will take them when they get here. We have another Elder, Elder Redd coming in this week, who has been assigned somewhere in the states since July 7, but he will be coming. We are glad. We sent off our missionary to Madrid on Wednesday. Roy and I went into the stake where Jack was set apart, along with a sister missionary, who was called to the Madrid mission.

I couldn't resist taking the pictures of these flowers, which have all different colors, from red, yellow, pink, etc. These two had the middle that was so distinctive that I took them.

We hadn't seen an orange quite like this one before. They grow all over the place and they use them where we would have rose gardens, even though they do have roses here. These will grow almost into a tree, but they keep them trimmed down.
If you have a small enough car you can park sideways, where everyone else is parallel parking. They have a lot of these small cars, I'm not sure the kind this one is, but there are also smart cars which are very small.
Have a fabulous week.
Love JoAnne and Roy.