Saturday, November 7, 2009

These two photos are of the same building just off our balcony.
The one with the man hanging off the roof was taken a few weeks ago. Man has been painting the building for some time and is now filling in the cracks that appear on the wing of the building. We watched him paint the building for several weeks. You need to realize that it is at least fourteen stories he is hanging from the roof. He would keep going down during the day until he got to the bottom and the next day slide over and do the middle section, etc.

Above the building is now mostly done. The other day there was a scaffoled hanging down in front of the windows and balconys on the left face of the building and it appears that it now ready for a fresh coat of paint too.
On the right is a picture off the balcony of the purple flowers that were all over these trees when we first arrived now these two a the only ones left. The weather is holding quite nice. Still in the 70's most of the time. we are getting a little more wind (breeze) coming in off the Medeterainen. For the first week of November it is quite comfortable.
Last night we attended the leadership meeting of the Granada Stake Conference. It was all in spanish but there was a brother who sat behind us and translated for us. I felt a little bad about this but there were two men from the branch who have been here for over seven years and still needed a translator so I guess we're not too bad. The meeting was about the welfare (bienestar) and self reliance (autosuficiencia) program. Because of the world wide "Crisis" there is a lot of unemployment in Spain and the wards really need to understand this program. After the meeting President Mellor shared some missionary finding stories with us. There was a man that lived in an apartment (piso) above the chapel there in Malaga. After several Sundays of listening to the music from the church servecies he decided that he would come down and visit the meeting and find out more about the church. Another women lived close to the sister's and watched them come and go every day. Aparently she could see them studing their scriptures and have their morning and evening prayers. She called to them from across the way and asked if they could come over and teach her. Sometimes the Lord bring those who are prepared for the gospel into contact with the missionaries in his own way.