Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010

What a wonderful week we had. We had a wonderful Zone Conference in Malaga on Friday with a visiting seventy. Elder Kerr from Scotland from the 3rd Quorum of Seventy made a mission tour and talked with the missionaries. Here is Roy and I, sitting on the front right before the Conference started. It was mostly in English this time because of Elder Kerr. What a delightful man he is. I think he left everyone inspired to go out and do better. The spirit was very much evident in this conference. It was also a farewell conference for the Mellor's since this is their last conference. We also had the Island by way of broadcast with us, so they could enjoy the advice from Elder Kerr and from President and Sister Mellor.

The next picture is the Malaga Zone, that includes the missionaries serving in Malaga, Fuengirola, and Antequera. Right now we have 10 missionaries in Malaga, but there are also 3 wards in Malaga and they have had lots of success there. They just opened another area this week, but we will probably lose that on the 8th of July because we are losing 12 missionaries and we aren't sure how many are coming because some are still in the states instead of at the MTC in Madrid because of visa problems.

This next picture is the Granada Zone with 4 missionaries in Almeria, and 4 missionaries in Granada, 2 missionaries in Motril and right now we have a triple in Jaen. The 3rd one is one of those that was suppose to arrive on the 8th of July, but he was all alone in Madrid so he came with the 4 Spanish missionaries. From these 2 pictures we will lose 7 missionaries, plus President and Sister Mellor in July.

Next we have our building that is being erected. I'm not sure if you like to see the construction, but I have been very interested to see how they construct the buildings. The first one you can see they have put up forms around the outside to pour cement, and that took over a week to get things ready. Then they bring in a big truck that has a crane so something like that, that has a bucket to pour the cement.

The next pictures you can see the completed cement pour, I took pictures from both side so you can get a feel how big it is. We think that this will be the parking garage, but we aren't sure where the opening is to get there. They usually put the garage underneath the buildings here and then build on the top.

These next pictures show that they are getting ready to pour cement for the ceiling of the garage and the main floor. They put all these poles to hold forms to pour cement on top of, and after it has cured they will remove the poles and continue building. They have also painted the outside of the cement black, at least on this one side that we could see.

The other side is up against the next building. I think you can see a little inside, before they cover everything up.

We think they have almost poured the whole lot in cement.

Oh well, that's the constuction for a little while now. But this also means that the economy is improving a little bit here in Spain.

The weather hasn't been to bad yet, they keep telling us that it is going to be very hot. So if it is like it is now we won't have any problem, but then we haven't reached July or August yet.

The branch is doing great, we had 6 visitors today, one couple from Scotland, one man from Wales and 3 from England around the area of Birningham, plus we had a investigator today. But we had several who weren't there today, either had to work or one even sick. The program was put on by the Tyndale-Biscoe family. They did all the talks, and even the musical number. What a great family they are. Jack will leave on his mission to Madrid on the 18th of August.

We hope your week is great and that you will be of good cheer.