Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Greetings for this new week, I hope you are all happy and well. we have had a very busy week. First with the Zone Leaders Conference, where we got to meet some new elders that were from the other missions that joined with ours. Also we got 4 new missionaries here this week, they were suppose to be here the week before but because of visa problems they were delayed a week. We were so busy updating the board that we didn't get any pictures of the new missionaries but they will be on Sister Clegg's blog:
Here you can see lots of pictures of the missionaries and what is happening in our mission.

This first picture is Sister Stolk and Sister Hidalgo when we went to check their apartment. The next picture is Elder Romeny and Elder Phillips, the ZL's in Malaga. All great missionaries. We also checked Elder Beck and Elder Basurto apartment also. It was sure fun to talk with them and encourage them to keep working hard.

We didn't have a district meeting on Saturday, so that meant that we had a free day, so we drove to Gibraltar for the day. At least this time it wasn't raining as it was when we tried before back in December or January.

I don't know if you can see the caves along the rock there, but the whole rock is full of caves, but natural and some man-made one.
The next picture is the memorial to America that they built because of the help we gave them back in WWI

This last picture is one we took as we were going to go into Gibraltar. It is divided by Spain by only a little strip of land and then they brought in more fill and built a landing strip between Spain and the rock.
Church was great and we got 2 new members that moved here from the Philippines. Now we have 7 members from the Philippines. One was a son from the couple that is here. He is 16 years old and will now be living with them, his name is Wayne Padre. The other is a 18 year old girl, Marie De Lapena.
The Spanish ward had another baptism today also. That makes 2 in July.
We hope you have a wonderful week.
Love Roy and JoAnne Hunt

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