Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

Brother Shaun Tyndale-Biscoe and David and Judith Turner. The Turners are our home teachers and are from Yorkshire. When we were first here we couldn't understand a word that they said because of their accent, but we have now got used to it, but once in a while we do have a harder time will all the words. He is the Elders Quorum president and she is the Branch family history consultant and teaches Relief Society once a month. We have such great and loving members in the branch that we feel right at home.
You can see the view behind the turner on the terrace of the Riley's home.

This picture is also from our Munch and Mingle and here is Elder Halverson, from Ogden teaching Sylvia from next door to Fred and Bruna Riley. On Wednesday I challenged Brother Riley to find someone we could show a video to, and his wife said that she did the inviting. She lost her husband a little while ago and the Elders taught her and she is very receptive right now. She was a nice lady, and could be a very nice member, we can be positive.

This picture is Barbara and Tony Hall from England, visitors, and Marchella Janssens a member from Beligum. The Halls come for a few weeks several times during the year. We met them at Easter time, and Barbara is not a member, but a lovely person. We just love her. Marchella just moved back here from northern Spain and just loves the branch here. She has been out of work for a long time and now has a job, but is still struggling, but is so positive. We can all take lessons from her.

This picture shows the Philippino people in our branch, what wonderful people they are. Vida, Lydia, Cecila and Augusto Padre, in the back is a visitor from Bristol England, who was here with her boyfriend who is from Wales. She was born in Brazil and served a mission in Boston, and is not living in England.

We were having a munch and mingle at Fred and Bruna Riley's house.

What a wonderful day today. Church went good and to let you know what an international branch it is, even though they speak English, none of the people who spoke in Sacrament meeting are English speaking today. Elder Meyer from German talked, he was really scared, because he had to read his talk. Sister Padilla from Spain and her husband Rafel, our high councilman spoke, He speaks English and translated his wife's talk as she gave it. He also had Brother Victor Gamez talk, who is also Spanish and has been coming to our branch, and he is the young Men's president, doing a great job. A single man whose father is the bishop in a Malaga Ward. This picture shows Belinda Tyndale-Biscoe and her son Seth, the only young man in our branch and Victor Gamez.

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