Sunday, March 7, 2010

We have so much to be thankful for. We are in good health and the weather isn't hot, but it is still very rainy. I'm including some pictures from our munch and mingle. We usually have one of these after church on the 4th Sunday. That way we can get together with the branch members and get to know them better. It is usually a pot luck lunch and we always invite any visitors that we may get that week and we seems to always have enough food for everyone and we always include the elders so they get to know the branch members also. The first picture is of Bro. Greeves, a visitor from England, with Roy. This was their second week to be at our branch. We had another couple, but I didn't get their picture and they were from Kent, England.

The next picture is Celia Padre who is from the Philippines and she and her husband are very active in our branch. He is the 2nd counselor in the branch Presidency and she is the secretary in Relief Society. They work here in Spain to support their children who are still in the Philippines. They send most of their money to help their children get a better education. They are a very sweet couple.

The next picture is of 2 members of our branch, Bro Fred Riley, the branch mission leader and Sister Victoria Colonge, who we are trying hard to reactivate along with her husband, Bruno. They are a delightful couple and we were so please that they would join us for the Munch and Mingle.

The next picture is a one of Bro. Bruno Colonge and Bro Ralf Meyer, they are sitting together because Bruno can also speak German as well a several other languages.

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