Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm sorry, but the blog disappeared on my as I was typing and I couldn't get back to finish it, except to post it. The next picture is of Shaun Tyndale-Biscoe and Brian Thrall, whose birthday it was that day. Shaun is a very active member with his whole family. Brian Thrall is one of another couple who we are all trying to bring back into the church. He and his wife, Loys are a very nice couple. The next picture is one of Bruna Riley, wife of Fred talking wiht Loys Thrall. Loys is very interested and does lots of family history.

The next picture, I decide to put it on again is a picture of the office staff, being the last time for Elder Barraza, because he got transfered on Wednesday. Back row, Sister Claire Mellor, Elder Jason Harville, Elder Roy Hunt, Sister JoAnne Hunt, Elder David Barraza. Front row: President Robert Mellor, Elder Kameron Going, and Elder Zachary Barton. Elder Harville and Elder Barraza were the Assistants to the President. The other two elders work in the office, one is the finance secretary and the other is the secretary to the president. Elder Barraza is from Barcelona and was replace by Elder Bader, from Germany and there are 2 dots above the "a" in his name.
The next picture is of me and Sister Claire Mellor showing our lunch at an English restaurant. There are lots of small restaurants like this in the city, most of them have outside sitting with only a couple of tables inside. Usually on Monday after staff meeting we go with Sister Mellor and go out to eat. She gets a meal to take back to her husband, because he stays and works with the assistants during that time. We have eaten at this English restaurant or maybe I should just call it a cafe, before and they serve very good food, we were surprize at this meal though, it was with everything, mashed potatoes, roast beef, or lamb and gravy and lots of vegetables, carrots, peas, califlower, cabbage and yorkshire pudding, which isn't like a pudding that we know, but more like a roll. Anyway we enjoyed the meal. We have been to Italian cafes, Spanish cafes and others. This is the only time we go out to eat. The Spanish usually have their big meal during what they call Mediodia, middle of the day, which usually lasts from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. During this time, other shops close down. We have found that the grocery stores stay open during this time. There are lots of grocery stores around the town, always within walking distance of where people live. The Spanish people usually take a cart on wheels to go grocery shopping. Some go everyday to get their groceries. Roy and I tend to do grocery shopping once a week. We don't have a big freezer but we can put at least a week's worth of groceries in the refridgerator. We haven't had a lot of Spanish food, because I usually cook what I am familiar with. I did try Kathleen's Chinese Cabbage Salad for the Munch and Mingle and it was very well received, especially by the Philippine ladies, who want the receipe to fix for their employers.
Well I hope this finds everyone well and happy. We are enjoying doing the work over here, even though we don't have nice conversion stories to write about, we hope we are doing what we are suppose to be doing. Sorry about the mixup in the blog, the internet stopped working for a little while and I'm just so glad that I didn't have to write everything all over again.
We love all of you out there and thanks again for helping my family while we are away.

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