Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Statute of Christopher Columbus in the harbor going into Huelva.
Some of the beautiful tiles that was found in and around Huelva.
Map in the museum in Huelva showing settlements in Spain, some of which date back before Christ. Where the Phoenicans had settlements.
Another snapshot of inside the Santa Maria
In side the Santa Maria
Figures of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in the small museum by the boats.
We saw miles of greenhouses filed with strawberry plants. This was on the way to Huelva.
It has been awhile since I did anything on our blog. I'm back in Spain with Roy and we decided that we were going to see some of Spain during the last 6 months of our mission, so each month we are going to take a side trip and visit some of Spain. First we went to Huelva, which is across the river from where Christopher Columbus sailed from. These next ships are just replicas of the ships that he used.
The Pinta
The NiƱa
The Santa Maria
A view of all three ships. We got to go on the ships and we took several pictures of the insides. We couldn't believe how small they were and try to imagine them sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. The Santa Maria was the biggest and held a crew of 40, where the others held 20 and 30 each.

The missionary work in Spain is progressing and so far they are keeping up with their goal of trying to reach 300 baptisms by the end of 2011. The missionaries are very dedicated and are doing their best to teach the gospel. Wonderful stories that we hear. It has been great to be back here in Spain and to help the missionary work.

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  1. I'm glad you are doing your blog again. It's fun to read how the work is going there and to see some of Spain. It surely is a beautiful and interesting country! Welcome back into the mission field!