Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept, 19, 2010

Sorry about last week and no blog. Sometimes we just don't get around to it and I really didn't have many pictures to add. Spain is great and we have really enjoyed working in the office. We do really hope that we are making a difference in the lives of the missionaries. It is great to feel of their love for the Savior and the work that they are doing. We went to a specialized training with the missionaries from our Zone on Friday. It was great and the spirit we felt there was great. The work is true and everyone needs to hear it. We as missionaries have to be led by the spirit to find those who are waiting for this wonderful message that we have to share.
Here is some of the fish for sell at our local supermarket. You have to take a number to get waited on. I was only able to get a portion of what is sold. They eat lots of fish and seafood.

Here is a bunch of goats being led to pasture. We went beyond them and turned around and they were going up the hill, so either the goats knew where they were going or the dog did that was out in front, because the shepherd was giving directions to the man in the car.

This is Sister Michelle Frandsen that was finally able to come to Spain, she spent 5 months in the states waiting for her visa to come. We get 2 elders this week who were assigned to other mission waiting for their visas, but didn't have to wait as long as Sister Frandsen. She will be a great missionary, we can already tell.
We got lots of packages ready for the missionaries that they were given during their specialized training. We had lots of dvd's to give them so they could give them away with new pass-along-cards that have been given out to the wards and branches. We know that these will reach some of those who are ready to hear this wonderful gospel. One of the area authorities said of each of the members would give one pass-along-card each week then Europe area would have 2800 more baptisms in a year. That is a wonderful promise and we have tried to get the members in our branch excited about doing just that.
We had only 20 people at church today, very small, one man from Cardiff, Wales and 2 Spanish visitors. We have had several who have gone back to their country for a visit. The Turners have been gone all summer and we hope that they are back next week. Sister Allen went to England and Sister Meyer went back to Germany to visit and help her parents for a while. We really miss all the visitors that we usually get. Hopefully next week will be better. Most of our active members were there except for those that I mentioned. We really miss them when they are not there.
Have a wonderful week.


  1. Joanne. I love reading about your mission. You are doing such a great job We are doing specialized training all week up away from Phnom Pehn and will do Phnom Penh next week. This week we will be in a different city every day! We have missionaries in four cities away from Phnom Penh. We look forward to spending time with the missionaries. While we are up there we also will do interviews. Whew! I'm praying for strength the next 2 weeks.And Scott isn't feeling very well with a bad cold and congestion, so I"m trying to doctor him up! Well, love you both. Julie

  2. Buenas noches. No sé hablar inglés, pero les envío esto por si le interesa. Una feria en Málaga este fin de semana. Pinche en mi nombre y le aparecerá más información en mi blog de cocina.
    No se lo pierdan.