Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010

Here is Jack Tyndale-Biscoe already to go on his mission. He leaves Wednesday on the fast train to Madrid. We are really going to miss him in our branch, we have depended on him to play the piano, anything that you ask him to play. He's a great pianist and will be a fabulous missionary.
These are some pictures of the people at our munch and mingle, a kind of going away farewell for Jack. We met down in Fred and Bruna Riley's place and we had about 38 to 40 people there, more than came to church, because we had neighbors of Fred and Bruna and their neighbor has met with the missionaries, plus we had a couple that just got baptized that are Spanish but have become friends with several in the English branch, they can speak a little English and we welcomed them also.

We had lots of good food, just a pot luck that people bring to share. We had lots to go around, sushi, morocan food, french food, all kinds of salads today. It was really too hot to cook much today.
Jack spoke in Sacrament meeting, plus Elder Bader, who is an assistant to the mission president who is being transfered this Wednesday, and we will miss him. He is a German Elder and has helped the Meyers a lot.
Holly Tyndale-Biscoe sang a song with the 2 office elders, who can sing for a musical number.
We had an American visitor there from Draper Utah, Savannah Smart, who has taken a job as a nanny over here and it was her birthday, so we had a big party for her also. I think she is very homesick, even though it has only been a little while since she was come here, but I think the children she is tending are hard, because the Spanish don't want her to discipline the children. We were glad to be there for her. Pam Young took a liking to her and helped her. Pam is only here for a couple of more weeks and then she is off to Mali for a few months, so help the people down there.

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  1. You are sure enjoying your mission. We are so proud of you and we can tell what a great office couple you are and branch president and relief Society president. They will sorely miss you when your time comes to leave. Is yours an 18 month or a 23 month mission? Love you, Julie