Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

I'm sending some pictures that we took in Ronda which is about 5 miles from Los Padros, where we go to home teach the Chapmans. It is about a 2 hour drive from where we live to go up there, so we don't go everyone month, but try to keep in contact with them through phone and email. They are a very gracious couple from England have have treated us really nice. They drove us down to Ronda where we hurried and took some pictures. The 1st one of the gardens in one of the main squares there.

This next picture is a storks nest on top of a chimney that the Chapman's pointed out to us.

This one of another church in the old part of Ronda.
The bridge that connects the old part of Ronda to the newer part of Ronda. It was once inhabited by the Moors, so you see some of the architecture that is noticed in the buildings there.

This one is looking down from on top of Ronda. It is built on the top of 2 hills and connected by the bridge in a previous picture.

Another view, looking back at the newer part of Ronda. The next picture is the bull ring in Ronda. Lots of the cities have their own bull ring, yes where they have bull fights. We haven't seen one yet, and we aren't sure that we will.
There is one in Fuengirola also.

Another church in the newer part of Ronda, which is still quite old, but not as old as the older part of Ronda.

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