Sunday, April 4, 2010

This last week has been kind of busy. On Tuesday (30 Mar 2010) we traveled to Cordova to do a piso check. Cordova is about two hours North and, for the time being, the furthest North point in our Mission. (On July 1st our Mission will extend into La Mancha and there is a branch that is almost as far North as Madrid.) We arrived in Cordova about two hours before our set time with the intention of doing some siteseeing. However, we spent much of that time being lost. We did get to see some sites as we drove around through the "Old Town." Some how we managed to drive in were only taxies were supposed to go and for a time we wern't shure we would be able to get out. But we made it and were able to find a car park and then walk to the "Castle of the Christian Monarchs" (pictured above and to the right)
This building started out as Morish Mosk but after the christian reconquest it became the home of the spanish kings. This tree to the right reminded us of the "Tree of Life" in Guatamala.

On our way back to Elders piso we noticed an open door and picked in to see what was inside. JoAnne was able to take this picture of the court yard that was behind the wall. We spent about an hour with the Elders looking at their apartment and answereing questions for them, as much as we could anyway, Elder Siddiqui wanted to know were he was going to be transfered to, which areas were going to be closed etc. We just don't have that sort of information until the monday before it happens,and the missionaries involved know on the Saturday night before.
After Cordova we went to Antequera which was about an hour away but, on our way home. We managed to ge there before the Elders had to go out to a meeting.

This week was "Holy Week" in Spain or "Santa Semana" they have processions in almost every town during the night. The carry status of Christ and Mary. The picture to the left is of the virgin Mary. It was consicerabley larger and seemed to be more important to them than the statue of Chist. Also they seemed to be paying more attention the the crucifixion rather than the resurrection. (that may come tonight though)
On Saturday night we went up to the Mission Home for dinner, Pancakes with strawberries and syrup, from the USA, Bacon and Oranges. Afterwords we watched the first session of conference on TV with the Mission President, his wife, the office elders and the APs. We had an enjoyable time. We watched the second session at home from 10:00 PM to Mid-night. On sunday morning I went to Malaga for the Priesthood Session with some members of the Branch. They have a seperate room set up for English speakers. I thought the conference was great and provided some insights and information that I will be able to use with some of the less-active members of our branch.

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