Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They Made it to Spain

From Ron - They Made it to Spain - so does the Rain in Spain fall mainly in the Plain?
Here is Sister Hunt's E-mail.

We made it to Spain today after a delay landing in Atlanta
because of a severe thunderstorm and we weren´t allowed to
land for an hour. We also left ATLANTA late and arrived in
Spain about 3 hours late and had to call the MTC president who
hadn´t received offical word that we were coming. THE Hills
are a delightful couple. The Hadley´s from the MTC in Provo
arrived here on Friday and will be leaving Thursday. We might
have to stay here until Monday to get registered in Spain. We
are super tired so we hope we get a good night sleep.

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  1. Well, you are in for a great experience. The mission president is so lucky you are the office couple and I bet he will have you do some shadow leadership in some of the branches. Or maybe they have wards there. Love the blog. We are doing fine here also. Staying busy. I"m going to post some pictures of some homes we went to out on the river here. Humble Homes and Happy People because of the Gospel. Love, Julie